how would you add parentheses and brackets to make this sentence true 45/2x4.7-4.4x6=54?

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Answered: How to add 4x6 photo paper to lexmark 3300 seriies printer. photo paper

I don't know that printer, but on my printer you need to adjust the paper guides in the paper tray to match the 4x6 dimension. And you need to go through a menu to set the paper size and paper type. If you have a manual, it should explain how to use photo paper.

Answered: What is the sum of -x 7/2x 4 and2x 5/2x 4

sum of -x 7/2x 4 and2x 5/2x 4 I will take a guess that + signs are missing (because that often happens) and also - signs are OK. But there's still something missing, such as an exponent on the first term. And the 7/2x and 5/2x could be read either as (7/2)x and (5/2)x or they could be 7/(2x) and 5 ...

Answered: Step by step solve this

Even if you assume the missing operator is + (because - shows correctly), the coordinates do not match the equations.

Answered: How do I solve the problem x=3(2x+4)-x

Your question has answered more than trice step by step. It is a very easy equation to solve. Please focus on math practice to improve your skills and if you feel math is boring then try fun math apps like Splash Math or web platform. Web platform is a very effective platform you can enjoy and ...

Answered: Trying to add Farmville to Iphone 4, How?

Hi will you, give me a call baosk at 203 497 425 2995 ct.
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Seems to be good here. I just hope that the brackets are nice in this one. Thanks!

How do you graph y-1= 2(x-4)

y-1=2(x-4) y = 2x -7 when X=0 y=-7 when x= 4 y=1 Now draw a straight line between the following 2 points: (0:-7) and (4:1). That is the graph you need.

How do you graph y-1= 2(x-4)

You posted your question twice. I answered on the other place. Please look it up there.

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What is it about that particular system you're looking for? I'd just get a new JVC. I'm partial to Pioneer systems, JVC a close second, and Denon. Never buy a Sony. They make great speakers and TVs, crappy stereo systems and DVD players.