how will hybrid technology influence world politics?

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Answered: Does Mazda use the same hybrid technology as Toyota?

no!! ford moter company has it's fingers deep in mazda's company pie

Answered: Why don't all manufacturers make hybrid cars?

Many car buyers don't want hybrid cars.

Answered: Gerrymandering Influence

Rocmike, your aliases don't count. They're not real posters no matter what the voices that you hear in your head make you believe.

Answered: What is the most efficient hybrid out there right ...

Answered: Do hybrid technologies vary by manufacturer?

Yes, the hybrids being sold today come in many different forms in varying mixtures between gas and electricity. An important aspect of this is that there are very few plug-in hybrids. Most today have electric drive trains that derive their power from a small gas generator and features that offer ...
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Not enough control in the world for this! http ...

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Is Honda Misleading About the Hybrid?

I don't think they're what they're advertised...YET. I think they can be, but the technology is new and has room for a great deal of improvement. Until a hybrid or any other alternate energy vehicle can smoke the tires, perform and have the range of a normal car, I for one don't want one.