how wide is 2.5mm in inches?

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Answered: What does 22inch cuff mean on a wide leg pants?

22 inches can't be the height to the cuff, or the height of the cuff. It must be the circumference.

Answered: Where to find 14 inch wide plank?

If MDF is OK, then you can simply rip a sheet to the length that you want, up to 97". MDF comes is 1/2" and 3/4" thicknesses.

Answered: How many inches is 788 varas?

788 vara [California] = 26 004.052 12 inch 788 vara [Mexico] = 25 998.415 748 inch 788 vara [Portuguese] = 34 125.984 252 inch 788 vara [South America] = 26 804.409 449 inch 788 vara [Spanish] = 25 931.714 961 inch 788 vara [Texas] = 26 266.719 2 inch

Answered: 4.325 feet= inches

4.325 times 12 inches to a foot equals 51.9 on my calculator.

Answered: Where can I find inexpensive 18 inch doll clothes?

Try this collection of 18 inch doll clothes
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What is biggest tv to fit in 35 inch wide hole

If the hole is only an inch tall, the answer is 0. Follow Bones' advice.

Losing inches

If you are losing inches , you might not actually see scale weight decrease. It could be water weight that you are losing as opposed to fat. How many inches have you lost without your scale weight decreasing?

Why is the size of television screens in inches?

First picture tube was made in the USA and was exported to the aound world. So in the past people know it in inches.