how was howie gambler off americn pickers?

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Answered: How many americns have 1750000$ WORTH?

Perhaps 3 million Americans have $1.75 million net worth including a home.

Answered: How do I get an adress for the History channel to send complaints

A&E TELEVISION NETWORKS, LLC - PRIVACY ... - History Channel - Similar You +1'd this publicly. Undo Jan 15, 2010 – Follow HISTORY on Twitter Unlock HISTORY on foursquare Follow .... When you send an e-mail to AETN, either through the ‹Contact Us› ...

Answered: Trying To Reach the Commedian Howie Mandel...

Have you tried to reach him on Twitter?
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Ken coleman investment tracke where can i subscribe ?

Here is his web site with the information you need.

Who invented the cherry picker?

Walter E. "Ted" Thornton-Trump. Read more about him here .

How does the money get distributed on american pickers with each bidding

They buy stuff, take it back to their shop, sell it, pay expenses, pay themselves and their one employee. 2 now, I guess since they have a second store. Just like any other business. A wonderful business granted, if, like me, you've always been a picker, but still just like any business.