how tore refinish a toboggan?

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Answered: Vietnam toboggan,Fred

A sled hauled behind a Jeep to find mines. 2-55 gallon drums loaded w/ water. Slip and slide 2 both sides of the road. Hope the Jeep doesn't get it 1st.

Answered: Has anyone had a bad experience with refinishing a mahogany classic boat

Mary, I had my classic Chris-Craft Runabout Super Sport "refinished" by Gordy Neimi. Contact me at 425-392-5143 Bob

Answered: Refinishing or refurbishing

Refinishing is easy with The Victorian House Furniture Refinisher. Its not for umpteen coats of paint, but if the old finish is all you have to remove its like washing it off with water. Not a stripper, this is a finish remover with no water to raise the grain. Makes it safe for veneers, glues ...

Answered: I am refinishing a child's desk. I have stripped ...

All I can think of unless someone has a better answer is to tape off the flowers...with masking tape...and work around the tape. If any of the flowers are damaged in the process...match up the paint with a paint stick or some crafting paint and touch them up. That's what I would do. Good Luck ...

Answered: How to re-finish polystone countertop

Depending on why you want to refinish the Polystone counter, the answer ranges from a light sanding for fine scratches or burn marks, to letting professionals do the work. You will not be able to change the color of the counters, of course, without hazardous chemical processing. For scratch or ...

Answered: Exhaust fans for wood refinishing

Good Luck The biger the better. need a open at each end of your shop
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My husband used the baking soda and water with a SOS pad and that did the trick. He washed them off and they look great. Now he is going to polish them with the Armetale polish so I will keep you posted.

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It is my extreme sport. and I always book my trip to I get discount but quality ski vacation trip.

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