how to write a three article summary?

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Answered: Is there a way to write SEO content articles for ...

Certainly yes. One of the easiest methods to achieve this is by joining freelance sites but i would recommend that you start with those sites that are exclusively for writers because clients tend to trust sites that are specific more than general purpose sites. Iwriter is a good place to start: http ...

Answered: In relation to article and content writing, I've ...

Currently, copyscape is the most popular plagiarism checker and it works by basically detecting similarities in texts within a sentence based on a certain algorithm. It works by searching the entire web for similar line of words that match in each sentence. Copyscape is also integrated in writer ...

Answered: What is the difference between writing a niche article and writing an

They are difference in the purpose, article writing for a niche is for marketing purposes, intended to drive traffic to your site with a specific niche market while writing an essay is for a contest purposes and you have a wide market to point out and you need to include flowering words that can ...

Answered: What kind of format to use in writing a magazine article

I would not lie about it, creating a name in the field of magazine article writing is not a walk in the park, especially if you are just beginning. There are so many things you need to learn to get your account and published articles. Here are some secrets that can help you get into the top ...

Answered: Do people really make a living by writing articles ...

Thank you everyone for your answers. I appreciate the time you took to answer what I'm sure to you looks like a silly question. If I thought I could write something solid, I would try it but I'm afraid my writing skills are a bit lacking.

Answered: Writing

I verified the content of my friend's website from an organization named PreciseEnglish. They have provided some good points that can help to increase the writing ability.
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Essay Mama is providing the best writing services online. Not at all like other writing service providers, provide the best customer service. They are here to take great care of their customers at all times. I,m using their service for a long time and they are always available to ...

Keyword Distribution

I agree about not putting too many keywords in an article. I think one keyword or two for every 100 words is enough. Use your common sense to distribute the keywords in the article.

I can come up with different ideas for writing but my problem lies in

This blog post can help you and add more ideas for you on how to become a successful blogger..

How to write a reflection paper?

Reflection" papers are "snapshots of the moment." It can be any moment as long as you choose the moment fairly enough so that your opposition will not accuse you of leftist bias (ending your career and placing you on every blacklist worldwide for life).