How to wrap a leg Hematoma?

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Answered: Persistent leg pain after cardiac ablation procedure

I'm sure you have checkes with your doctor by now, but if not you should! The intense pain sounds like a Charlie horse..which h after a procedure or surgery can ne a sign of DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis. I had it after weight loss surgery and the pain was nearly unbareable I found this thread be I ...

Answered: Why are horses legs wrapped?

There are many different reasons why a horse's legs might be wrapped, and there are even more kinds of wraps! Just to mention a few; there are exercise bandages used to protect a horse's legs while they are being exercised, and what we like to call stable bandages which are used to give a horse's ...

Answered: How long does it take a hematoma to dissolve? I had a bruise on my hip

Angela- I thot that I explained what I thot. I understand the words of your question, but in light of my previous post, I do not know what you are asking. Could you take another shot at it? JayR

Answered: Is there a company that hires people to put vehicle wraps on their

Thats a good idea to do vehicle wraps and you can get an earning from it and try to go with good designs.

Answered: Is it true they pay people to have their car wrapped with advertisement

Yes, car wrapping is one of the good way to advertise..there are few companies who did it and company's who want their business to be advertise pay for those car owners that let em do it

Answered: Who invented Bubble Wrap?

Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding invented Bubble Wrap 50 years ago. This web site has everything you want to know about Bubble Wrap.
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