how to wire sta rite super max pool pump from 230v to115v?

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Answered: Installing a Pool Heat Pump needs some tips,you know?

Wherever you see Jesse (don't call me Adam anymore) Conant, you know Eric Clemens can't be too far behind.

Answered: Pool pump suction

It probably is a pool pump problem. If you pump is not providing sufficient suctions, your pool cleaner and filter will not work properly.

Answered: I am thinking of having a pool installed in my ...

I happen to be a fan of an above ground pool . They are much cheaper to buy, install, and maintain. Modern above ground pools are very nice and you can find ones that are quite large. With an above ground pool, you have the concenience of a back yard pool, but they are much easier to take down if ...

Answered: Know about pool pumps?

You can get a replacement motor or replacement parts for pool pumps online. Try the link above.

Answered: Building Super Walmart

It's obvious other decisions were made about locating a store there. I hope that satisfies your question.

Answered: Can wiring for an inground pool be run on top of the ground placed in a

It used to be both ways were OK, as long as the buried conduit was about 2 feet underground. CHECK this out before you go either way!!! and, IF IT WERE ME, I'd get professional advice. GFIs and grounding requirements will most likely apply too. Someone could be seriously injured or killed if ...
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My friend replaced my old pool pump with an ...

Is that L-B part of the system? If so it is hooked up dead wrong. There is no conduit leading in or out, there is no sweep, and it isn't sealed. It sounds like the line you are hooking into is the old tarred Romex from the 1950's. That stuff overheats and "cross feeds" very badly. The ...

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Air energy heat pump pool heater

It sounds like your pool filter is not producing enough pressure to properly circulate the water through the pool. You will need to check and make sure that your filter is connected correctly and pool pump is primed in the right way. If you can get adequate pressure built up, your pool heater ...

Nothing wrong with my Intex 56635 pool pump. I do ...

You can find replacement parts for pool pumps online. Try the link above. They have a whole section dedicated to pool pump parts.