How to wire a glow plug control module bypass switch on a 86 ford 6.9 diesel?

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Answered: Switch wiring

It might be cheaper to tie the two white and two black together, BUT I don't recommend it. Replace the switch with an identical replacement.

Answered: How to replace glow plugs on ford 6 liter?

Remove the Glow Plug 1 Remove the valve cover using a ratchet, ratchet extension and socket. If you have a 6.0L model, you might have to remove the mounting nut from the transmission dipstick tube and move the tube to the side. Depending on your particular model, you might have to remove ...

Answered: 86th? Where did the term Your 86th come from?

"You're 86ed" means you are being thrown out or refused service. One source from 1933 says it was soda fountain shorthand for "we're all out".

Answered: WHAT is the difference between fuel injector # 1 and #8 on2002 Ford F

They use the exact same injectors on all eight cylinders. The only thing different is the timing. Gas engines start spraying 24 degrees BTDC. Diesel starts spraying 3 degrees before bottom dead center on the compression stroke.
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They are 1-3-5-7 passanger side and 2-4-6-8 drivers side

My 1993 ford explorer 4.0 engine is leaking ...

Believe it or not, a bad radiator cap can cause that problem. Another thing you might want to check on. Once in a while a frost plug will develop a leak, especially in an older engine. There is a sensor, but I'm not sure just where it is. If you're sure the leak is on the passenger side, on ...

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