How to wire 24 volt home health humidifier on lennox G61 furnace?

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Answered: What are the advantages of a hot air furnace

I offer my congratulations on your perceptiveness.

Answered: Is there a way to get 24 volts out of 3 12 volt bateries

Think of the dry cell batteries. The voltage will add up if you connect several batteries as well as its mah (milliampere-hour). Place a jumper from one terminal to another. Negative to negative and positive to positive terminal.

Answered: 4 6 volts _ I need 12 v output for auxillary device

You appear to have a 12 VDC system for your RV already. You have two sets of 6 volt batteries in series for 12 VDC in parallel with another pair to give the motor home more reserve electricity when you are not running the engine. Simply make your connection to one of the two negative posts ...
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1st- Depending on the 6 volt CURRENT rating and the 12 volt " DEEP CYCLE " current, besides the connecting & HOW you connected the 12v to the 6 v. YES I would say that you "fryed" something!! " old battery started bubbling " means that the currunt\voltage transfer,movement exceded the handling ...

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The knob rotates a plate that can block the air coming from the cold air return. When "off" it blocks the entrance. When "on" it is perpendicular to it. You can rotate it from On to Off in either direction. There is no difference. I have it on in the winter and off in the summer.