How to winterize a OMC King Cobra?

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Answered: Do people in california wear shorts in the winter?

Not really, no. Some might if it's a warm day. But generally, winter isn't shorts weather, even in southern California.

Answered: Cobra Notification

The employer is supposed to notify the employee within 14 days from when they qualify for COBRA insurance .

Answered: Where is the fuel filter on a 5.0 omc cobra?

When you are looking at the engine from inside the boat it's on the left side at the front down at the bottom. I have an 88 Bayliner with OMC 5.0 and just changed mine. You have two filters; the one for water separation that I just described and one in the carburetor where the fuel line goes into ...

Answered: Whio killed Good king Weslslav of Bohemnia?

Good King Wenceslas of Bohemia was supposedly killed in a plot by his own brother, Boleslav the Cruel .

Answered: Big Buckles For My Winter Fashion Wardrobe

don't care about 80's just full fill your desire thank you

Answered: Will the government cobra subsidy program be extended beyond 9

I have heard talk of this happening but I don't think anything official has been done.
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