how to win mahjongg dimensions?

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Answered: Discover card sent letter telling me to go to to see my

If it's an actual letter sent by the post office, it's probably legit. If it's an email, it's a scam.

Answered: I have just started to learn Mah-Jongg and am not ...

just keep playing...i find the trick is to memorize the tiles...give them is otherwise confusing/ have to know the tiles...mbb

Answered: What do you think, will they be able to reproduce this win?

Air Force is on such a high right now, but I think their winning streak is over.

Answered: Ultimate mahjongg solitaire

Go to They have several marjong games that are great.

Answered: Winning

Probably. If PCH contests weren't legit, they would have been exposed by now. However, like most lotteries, your odds of winning aren't very good.
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The only way to win at lotteries is not to play them -- ever.

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yes penny auction sites like, ,, etc.. are legal in the USA

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Thanks for your comment, Griffin. String theory suggests 10 dimensions and supergravity suggests an 11th. Each with it's own membrane, or brane, and P-branes. Actually, M-theory and P-theory both suggest multiple dimensions but neither goes far enough into compact matter. "Intersecting branes ...

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They have the best team roster.Lakers will beat them on Christmas Day.