how to widen closet doorway plaster wall?

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Answered: Will putting drywall over plaster work?

The short answer is yes, as long as the screws are long enough to screw into the lath. The problem will be around the door jambs and window jambs. If you take off the casings around the doors and windows and put 1/2" drywall on each side of the wall, you will see the drywall between the jambs and ...

Answered: How to hang art on plaster walls

If you are really concerned about your walls means go for some cheap hanging hooks or nail braces.I have seen some suggestion on these site on how to hang a portrait or other art related things in your plaster walls with causing any damage on the walls.

Answered: Is there a waterproof adhesive you can use on a plaster shower wall??

HI BLUEPRINTER, I FOUND THIS FOR YOU TO LOOK AT. HOPE ITS WHAT YOU WANTED........GOD BLESS NANADEE Shop and compare prices on waterproof adhesives FOR PLASTIC GO TO WWW.SMARTER.COM THIS IS GOOD Adhesive Get All Your Basic Supplies at Low Prices & Fast Delivery! Buy Now ...

Answered: Pictures on Plaster Walls

Hilda, Plaster walls are harder than drywall so if you use a nail or screw it will chip out. The best and easy way is drill a hole the same size as the nail you are going to use to hand the frame. There is no need to use a slanted hole, just drill straignt in tothe wall you can use a longer nail ...

Answered: Base layer paint for plaster wall

Have an oil base primer for your initial paint.

Answered: What to use for a very heavy wall texture?

That'll work on a light wall, too. Bubba
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