how to weather O scale model railroad buildings?

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Answered: Where do the model railroad scales come from? HO scale, N scale etc, who

Bone has a good description of the two main scales 'O' and 'HO' . ( Although some items still defy logic - if HO was truly HALF of O then it SHOULD be 1/96, as above 'O' scale is 1/24 (called half scale) and 1/12 called inch scale. ) Here perhaps we begin to see the differences in all model ...

Answered: I have lost my directions for my scale . Can you provide a copy ? Eddie

Tell us what the make and model is, what you are trying to weigh, and we can say some thing. We got a truck scale that measures up to 150,000 pounds and we got a lab scale in the machine shop that measures fine enough to tell us what turbine blades weigh so we can put super chargers together right ...

Answered: Are model railways toys still popular or have they lost favor to computer

Railway modelling is a popular hobby and there are even online communities like Railify where people meet and discuss their expiriences with other hobbyists.

Answered: If I made a to scale model of earth with a 4 inch ball. what would the

Hi! First you have to know haw big it is the planet and I giving the answer. Sincerely George Anton

Answered: I am looking for Bachmann Spectrum City Scene building kits. I found a

I presently own unbuilt kits of : 1. bus station 2. metropolitan building 3. ambasador hotel. 4. trade tower. 5. department store. 6. savings and loan. If your interested contact me at : or (909)556-7798 Doug Vadurro
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Where to connect the ends of a model railroad power bus

The left end Power Bus adapter shoud be connected in a Powerpole set mounted horizontally red/black to an S-302-CCT female cable mount connector (Pin #1 to red, Pin # 2 to black) while the right end Power Bus adapter should be connected a Powerpole set mounted horizontally red/black to a P-302-CCT ...

What layout uses Atlas Model Railroad Co., ATL1000383

Jerry, is this what you're looking for?

Amd railroad what does A M D stand for muy dad used to talk about the A M

I can't find any AMD railroad in the United States, past or present. Maybe it was A&D, Atlantic & Danville, in Virginia.

How to paint undercorated model trains

It is up to you. Recommend that you search out your local model train group [NMRA is national & has addresses for it's affiliated locals]. Most local train groups have classes on painting, some assembly, and weathering of model train cars and locomotives. You are most welcome to contact me ...