how to wash meth with acetone?

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Answered: Washing machine online

You can purchase it from:

Answered: Meth answers needed pls!

NO... but drugs will make you do things out of your normal character... they will make you think and feel dif under the influence... and if you continue to use can change a person for life... but it is a choice... good luck:))

Answered: How does meth effect those who dont do it but are around those who do

One of the biggest ways it'll effect you is you're considered an 'outsider' and fair game to have your pockets picked and everything you have of value stolen from you by your "friends" for dope. Once a person begins using meth their morals go out the window and everyone's everything becomes ...

Answered: How to repair a washing machine that spins and aggitates at the same

Google " Samurai Appliance Repair" - and have the make, model and s/n ready -

Answered: Reports on false/positive testing for meth

If you have used Ephedra it will give you a positive test for Meth. Good luck.
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I would use google and see if they have a answer.

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I don't think there is a way to remove the colors that ran. You could try color-safe bleach but I'm not sure it will actually work. Sorry.

How to tell if someone is doing Meth??

The classic symptoms of meth addiction include slurred speech, dilated pupils, grinding of the teeth, dizziness, confusion, excessive sweating, and loss of co-ordination, numbness and respiratory distress. But I would suggest you speak to a qualified professional before reaching any definite ...

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