how to use your iphone5 when you can't remember the passcode?

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Answered: Iphone5

I dont know where are you buy the iphone 5? I sound the iphone5 product out om sep.

Answered: IPhone 5 S

Hey Krutika, check out with, I recently bought iPhone 5S from this store, this iPhone is really awesome with cool features.

Answered: Iphone 5

yes, iphone 5 has siri.

Answered: IPhone 4s or iPhone 5?

Definitely, I will wait for the new generation of iPhone i.e. for iPhone 5. In every generation, Apple adds something extra and enhance the performance and functionality of iPhone device. I will wait for the features like Slim and attractive design, long and better battery life, larger screen ...

Answered: Does the proscope micro mobile fit the iphone 5c

I would have to say yes but do more research. Google it. I don't want to give you false information.
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How can i use wireless charger in my Iphone 5?

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Iphone5 Plan?

There are diverse plans available for both the new and existing users. A user can select a plan according to his usage and requirement. Multiple choices are available for the users. First of all, a user needs to decide the network from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, C Spire Wireless or Cricket and then he ...

When will the iphone5 release?

I love Samsung Galaxy S Relay , extremely revolutionary phone from samsung. Check out the Video here

LOst my iphone 5 can someone jailbreak unlock it and use it?

Yes, it can be possible. You should contact to cell phone company and file a police report.