how to use windows live movie maker as a facecam?

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Answered: Importing a DVD R into Windows Movie Maker Files

I stumbled upon an article about putting DVD Movies to Windows movie maker for edit, you could check it out: "How to edit DVD Movies on Windows Movie Maker ... "

Answered: When i'm editing on movie maker for windows, The ...

Here's a video tutorial on how to use windows movie maker, adding videos, pics, and music for a cool video.

Answered: Problem with windows movie maker with no audio

I know that Windows Movie Maker can accept WMV format well, so you can convert your video to WMV format to have a try. Maybe you can use iMoviesoft Total Video Converter Pro which can convert almost any video format, like AVI, WMV, FLV, MP4, 3GP, MOV, MKV, MPEG, etc., such as converting WMV to MP4 ...

Answered: Movie Maker CD-R to work on DVD

Hi! I think the problem is like this: you have burnt the movie to a CD-R with windows movie maker, and then the CD-R could not play on your dad's DVD player. However, if a video file or a movie is burnt on a CD disc, when you play the disc, you will just got the sound, and the video, or the picture ...

Answered: Can I switch my computer programming from Windows Vista to XP? Also how

yes you can but you will nedd to reinstall the XP version which means formatting your current Vista version hope this will improve you Movie Maker as well.
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Glitch in a dvd burned from Windows Movie Maker

I have made my DVD from video clips and encounteded such problem too. And later I turn to this DVD Creator to convert and burn the video clips to DVD disc, it plays smoothly. The problem may lies in the burning process. You may have a try. Wish it helps! Try it here: ...

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