how to use use rock salt for chimney cleaning creosote?

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Answered: Best way to clean a wood burning stove?

Me. I would call a chimney sweep. This is not a job for the faint-hearted, the unequipped, or the uninsured.

Answered: Carpet cleaning tips

For your carpet cleaning check!

Answered: What is this new crystal clean hookah cleaner ??

You may find your answer on

Answered: "crystal clean" safe to snort ?

If you don't mind brain damage and destroyed sinuses and nasal tissues, go head on. Why not get some gold paint and be a huffer while you're at it?

Answered: Can I use solar water softener salt pellets on my driveway for melting

Yes, you can use water softener salt to deice driveways or melt ice anywhere.

Answered: What are the entrance fee for children, adults ,and seniors for Chimney

They also have a website, click here . Adults 13-59 are also $14, Seniors are $12 and Kids 4-12 pay $6 and under 4 are free.
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No - air has seeped in between the glass panes. Replacement is the only way to correct it. (I have one.)

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you have been very vague in this question i need more information to properly answer this question (what type of chimney? metal? masonry? running up the side of the house or through the inside?) be a little more specific with your questions please and i'll try to help

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Here you are: Good luck!

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Check the Yellow Pages in your telephone directory. Read their ads. Select one that is bonded & insured. Call for prices.