how to use trim rider by bollinger?

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Answered: How should I trim my Rhododendrons?

Hi Wondering, You can cut back rhododendrons severely, but will have no growth for a year and no blooms for 2-3 is best to do it in 2 stages--cut half of the branches halfway back, then the following Spring, cut the other will cause less shock to the plant...please follow the ...

Answered: What kind of wood is used exterior trim?

Wood.............Sorry, i couldn't help saying that . Go on line ( i dont know what state you in and the weather, but here we have a place called lowes. You can get some very good advice about it. Have a good day. God bless nanadee

Answered: Rider Jeans

After Dark demin skinny leg jeans with zips on the back pockets

Answered: Staining trim throughout the house

I think it just depends on your preferance. If the trim color now matches all the doors and everything then I would say yes stain everything.

Answered: Beaded Trim Sources

hmmm good question. Walmart used to have them. But they have been revamping their craft and fabric section so im not sure about that place anymore. Jo-ann's fabrics definatly does. Heres a link ...

Answered: How much is a easy rider magazine vol.1 no.1 worth

I have a copy of the first easy rider and I am wondering what the value could be.If you could be of any help,great.Thank
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Wood Trim and Cabinets

anotherday --- Not my area of expertise. But, I'll give it a try anyway. Buy commercial product Old English Scratch Cover. (It can be found in some grocery stores.) Works well on furniture. Maybe it would work on wood trim, too. Comes in different shades of wood finishes. Suggest you start ...

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If you just need a trim and your BF won't do it, why not just go to one of those inexpensive haircut salons and get a trim? If you don't have the funds right now, perhaps you can find a stylist who will be willing to barter for something you have to offer. If you still think your best option is to ...

Trimming douglas fir trees

Hello, To start I am a certified arborist and I am from minnesota where we have douglas fir trees as well. To answer your question as easily as possible you can trim it up as high as you like. Mostly just making sure you dont chop off the top of the tree is the most important part when it comes ...