how to use to hold down chain link fence?

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Answered: What tool do I need to cut chain link fencing?

You will need a chain link cutter with rubber handle to cut chain fences successfully.

Answered: My neighbor put his fence about 8 inches on his ...

For fencing related help I would recommend you to SW Fencing as they provide all types of fencing including closeboard fencing, panel fencing, and palisade fencing.

Answered: What are your thoughts on invisible fencing for a ...

They are one of the best things you can get if you want to keep your dog safe. Learn more at

Answered: How to insert a web page link in email?

Hi Irene: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. How do I access or insert hyperlinks in e-mails?

Answered: What costs more, chain link fence or vinyl fence?

Chain link is the cheaper option, but vinyl looks a lot better in my opinion. derby fencing
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Are there any brands of invisible fencing ...

in our opinion the Petsafe invisible fence brand is the best.

Closing old fence post holes

To close old fence posts, you would just want to fill them in with dirt, a little at a time and pack it down as you go. Good luck!

How to stop hole cutting in chain link fence?

Your question makes no sense. Could you add details. Like what's happening? Is someone cutting holes in your fence? Get a video camera, place it in a secure area. When you film the culprit in the act call the police department. Or is it something else?

How many years will a chain link fence last?

It depends upon how you maintain it.