how to use the cannon on skylanders giants?

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Answered: San Francisco Giants: World Series Champions

Sadness. im happy for the Giants but i was really hoping for the Rangers to win :(

Answered: How to write cannon law on a keyboard?

If you mean church law, that is spelled canon.

Answered: How big can giant squids can get to normal squids?

Reminds me of a fun question I posted a while ago.

Answered: I need to know the print type of the Cannon Pixma 4500 for photography

It depends on the amount of money you're willing the spend and the quality you expect. What kind of printing quality do you require? Giclee printing is usually reserved for fine art prints.

Answered: Is the tv series land of the giants in the public domain

No, it's not. The rights are held by Irwin Allens estate.
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The Republican convention! That was the easiest question I've answered on Yedda!

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