how to use Stiffy for fabric bows?

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Answered: Fabric for curtains

I have seen several curtain fabrics from aside form curtain fabrics they also offer dressmaking fabrics and other sewing materials.

Answered: Where to find fabric.

The Washington Redskins team store has ladies' items (they say). I would write to them or phone them , because if anyone knows where to find their fabric, they should.

Answered: Where to donate fabric in utica ny

Look at any church or charity with a clothing bank. If you have odds and ends of no particular pattern they will not have much use unless it is for quilting.

Answered: My husband and I would like to try bow hunting this year. How do you know

You have to find out the strength of pull that fits the best for you. The best thing to do this is go to a bow hunting club and ask for assistance.

Answered: Looking for 110" wide osnaburg fabric....

You may try going to a fabric shop to get the fabric you need to make them. Good luck!

Answered: How do you make stiffy fabric stiffener?

I've read that you would use equal parts of glue and water to make Stiffy Fabric Stiffener. How easy is that? What I do is keep a large wide mouthed canning jar filled with it. I use a foam brush to dip into it and just close the lid; soak the brush in water when I'm finished ...
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