how to use samsung mobile phone 1259?

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Answered: I am using an android Galaxy S II/Samsung and am ...

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your AOL Mail account?

Answered: Hi! I have been trying to find this phone Samsung ...

You can find it under a "google" search.

Answered: Samsung pours all its sizzles on you

Samsung plays the big shots this time, and the smarter move results the smartphone ranges. Rich with high-class features and specifications, Samsung is ready to woo your smartphone browsing actions. The link at is the one to ...

Answered: How to overclock samsung black jack mobile phone ?

My samsung jack backround screen turns pink when there is an outgoing call, also the light at the top right corner turns pink when a call is coming through. Is there a way to chage these types of settings? If not, What would be your best suggestion? Thank You

Answered: How do i download albums from pc to samsung G600

Did you install the software which was supplied with the phone? I am not sure you can download whole albums but you sure can download several pictures.

Answered: Are BlackBerrys the best phones for business people

Different people have different perceptions, just in recent August Guardian Newspaper conduct a survey and asked almost the similar question. 62.1% people say it is good for business. and other say. Just look its functions, is it suits to your business routines or not? It helps to make up your ...
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Samsung pours all its sizzles on you

Giving a spicy touch to your mobile gadgets is what that Samsung has prioritized most. In terms of the mobile collections that gives the full worth of your money spend is what that this ace brand is targeting, and sets the stage for that. Feature richness against the lower price ...

Aol mail - droid phone

I just got a new Droid and cannot connect it to my AOL email at all. Comes back with an error message: Invalid Credentials

Can you download photos from a samsung e370 to a ...

No i cant dont have a cell or an webcam 0r any new pictures of me


As far as I gather this is a very good phone with latest features...haven't heard any negatives on this one. Ps3 controller