how to use poultry lacers?

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Answered: How long does it take to recover from a lacerated spleen?

Not true, my 7 year old just fell from 3 feet and lacerated her liver. Her Dr. said it will be 3 - 4 months before she is healed.

Answered: How to start poultry farm in usa?

Commercial farm loans are available to qualified borrowers seeking financing for poultry farms. You may go to my website to make application.

Answered: Farm for sale?????

Here's a realtor that specializes in poultry farm sales: Here are a couple more sites with poultry farms for sale: ...

Answered: How to convert a 40 X 500 poultry barn to a horse boarding stable.

Hello Ping. It's hard to answer your question without further details, but if you'll get back to me, I believe that I can send you the names of some good contacts as I just researched reconfiguring an existing building, erecting a new building, and building a chicken coop. First what is the head ...

Answered: How dangerous is liver laceration?

With proper medical treatment, the liver will regenerate. Medical treatment is necessary to determine the severity of the laceration. It could need some stitches to hold the laceration closed, and you don't want it bleeding. It won't heal right if it gets infected, so you may need antibiotics.

Answered: Is there much difference in the taste of a fresh egg compared to the

Having raised chickens in the past and eaten their eggs, I can say absolutely. And mean it. Jay
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