how to use Poise Lubricant?

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Answered: Chain lubrication

oil? i like all oils lol

Answered: How to get pregnant easily?i don't have lubricant coming.Now i am using

I think it's ok to use natural lubrificants, but you should have a look at this before trying it out: treatment of infertility

Answered: Is it safe to use KY Warming personal lubricant ...

A KY representative is most likely going to say it's ok to use their product because they're thinking about sales. I'd suggest speaking directly with your gynecologist about this and other products and their safety during pregnancy.

Answered: What do I use to lubricate my treadmill?

small amount of veggie oil i know it sounds weired but i work in a food factory and thats all they use for heavy duty machinery

Answered: Recommended lubricants for 2003 hd fxdp

FXDP is a basic Dyna Glide but set up for police use. They get 25 times the mileage a regular Dyna gets, but not the sort of maintenance they need most times. If you bought yours from an auction go at figuring out lube real careful. Most of these bikes have over 500,000 miles on 'em at auction ...

Answered: What is difference between oil and lubricant?

Mostly people use these two terms interchangeably, and Mostly these two terms are the same. but oil is use as an engine oil for engine of transportation vehicles or any type of engine, and lubricants are used for power steering, and shock absorber oils. Oil is rated by weight/viscosity, such as 5W ...
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Can i use regular lotion with my fleshlight? such as jergens for

Quick Answer - NO! Only use water based lubricants with a Fleshlight. ID Glide is the best and Fleshlube a close second. ID will stay slippery and lasts a long time. Other lubes are either too thin or thick or get sticky to fast (and that can get irritating). Check out ...

Are the Cognis lubricants compatible with elastomers?

Highly paraffinic petroleum basestocks tend to react with elastomers in seals causing hardening in service and premature failure. Cognis Technical Services has tested the most commonly available elastomers in use today and can recommend an ester that will improve your seal life. http ...

Zipper Lubricant

Try some WD40 on a Q-tip