how to use oxycodone for suicide?

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Answered: Oxycodone shortage

how can i get oxys w/out a script

Answered: What can I do about my 40 year old daughter that is going to commit

There is not a lot you can do. Getting a 72 hour hold for someone is not easy, and that is what will allow her to be kept "safely" in a local jail. Call a psychiatrist or mental health hotline and talk to them. We have had this in our family, and there comes a time when one must just give up and ...

Answered: What happens when you come off oxycodone? i just ...

If this is the first time and you took eight and went to sleep no biggie nothing happens. Heck, I took Oxycontin off and on for 4 years and had no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. It is the continuous use of opiates regularly for extended periods that will make you physically addicted at which ...

Answered: Suicide

Life isn't hell, its this period of life you're in. I've been there, trust me. It gets better. Its like being in a dark forest, you could sit there and give up on all hope of finding you're way out, or you can get up and find the way out. And you don't have to do it on you're own. Finding a true ...

Answered: My friends suicide attempt endangered others and I'm angry.

That anger from you and others is just what your friend needs to snap out of it. That was not a suicide attempt. That was a very, very loud cry for help.

Answered: What is suicide really?

My daughter in law, days before her 29th birthday, committed suicide. Her last communications and contacts with everyone were very positive. She had plans, had written a "Positive Manifesto" for the rest of her life, and arranged to meet my son, to work things out, the morning he found her. It was ...
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Oh Deb, I was so saddened to read the desperation in your question. I have, or should I say had, two brothers that commited suicide. Although it was'nt for economic reasons, they must have been desperate at that time in thier lives.It has been many years now yet I always think how much they have ...


suicide is not a right decision for our problems.even i too passed this situation and now i got recovered. i am enjoing every seconds of life.On that some of the online support groups like helped me a lot.

Mothers suicide

Thank you again. Robert, I was born a Christian, but I married out of my faith into the Jewish faith. I was baptized a Jewess. I have never forgotten Jesus and I still believe in him.. Amazingly enough, many Jews believe in Jesus Christ. When I pray, it is to Jesus and to our almighty God ...


Did you decide to go for counseling?