How to use Name tags for Minecraft 1.6.1?

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Answered: 'dreamweaver cs3 the tag name:

sorry its took so long.......welcome to yedda Troubleshooting Conflicting Styles and Other CSS Challenges in ... Dreamweaver CS3 makes it easy to change the name of a style in the CSS Styles panel. ... (Note the space between the ID name and the tag name. ...

Answered: Baby names that start with S? Any ideas?

i have a list of some funny first names presented to you here are some with S Somchit Inthisack Starsky Bobo

Answered: PERSONALIZED NAME BADGES: An eye-catching name ...

That website seemed rather confusing, especially as it links to one website but yet the title says something different. I recently came across another place for reusable custom name badges that make the order process pretty simple and even guarantee them.

Answered: How to make Boy shower name tags

I'd like to find a way to make inexpensive boy baby shower name tags/
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What kind of minecraft you are looking for, actually there are different minecraft available. Just go the minecraftdls site where you get option to download also they provide snapshots.

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