how to use multipurpose angle finder?

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Answered: What is a quadrantal angle?

It is my understanding that a quadrantal angle has sides on both axes unless the angle is 180 degrees, in which case it is a straight line and lies on one axis only. The vertex of the quadrantal angle will be the origin of the Cartesian system. Jay

Answered: Angle alphabet postcards allows you to design custom postcards online. Apart from this, they also offer other services like postcard designs, postcard printing, mail lists, direct mail marketing, and ordering information. They might have the Angle alphabet postcards or else you could get one designed ...

Answered: Where can I get Tot Finder stickers?

One can order Tot Finder stickers at . They are no longer recommended to be placed on outside windows because of the fear that someone may be able to more easily victimize a child. Other reasons against marking a room as having a child in it, as listed by the Department of ...

Answered: In soccer, a penalty kick is taken twelve yards in front of a 24 ft. wide

I assume the kicker is at equal distance from both ends of the goal. (That does make a difference.) The angle is: 2*Arctan(12/36) = 2*Arctan(1/3) = 36.87 degrees

Answered: What brand of fish finders work best?

Depending on the type of fishing you are interested in, there are four facets to a good sonar unit: high power transmitter, efficient transducer, sensitive receiver, and high resolution/contrast display. I have been very satisfied with the Lowrance Fish Finder.
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