how to use fender FT-004 guitar tuner?

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Answered: I bought new tuners for my guitar, Schaller, six ...

Thank you. I made a note of the brand. I will keep them in mind since you mentioned the tone was good.

Answered: What size screws on a Polar FT2 heart rate watch

Eddie- I doubt seriously that anyone is going to know this right off of the cuff. You would have a much better chance at contacting the manufacturer.

Answered: If I'm going to get my guitar strings changed do i ...

Finding a string that suits you, your guitar, your style and gives you the sound you want is a bit of a journey. Each brand makes their strings in a slightly different way, which means there are slight tonal differences between them. So, try a few different types and gauges and find a set that ...

Answered: Can you put grover tuners on a Yamaha guitar?

Yes just tell the store you want them for a Yamaha.

Answered: Age of guitar

I would contact Fender, the company and let them know that you are looking for the guitar's history, when it was made, etc. I'm sure they have a sort of system that they can help you find the answer. Good luck.
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Using a guitar tuner.

The needle should point straight up to 440 for standard tuning. IE: E,A,D,G,B,E. hope this helps.

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First, you need to check the neck of the guitar is straight. This is performed using the truss rod. The truss rod is not there to adjust the action! Take a look at our guide on how to adjust your truss rod - Once your neck is straight, then ...

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1964 Double Line Kluson Gold tuners,run you bout 5 to 6 bills

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Sounds to me like those two frets need adjustment or replacement. Or your bridge may be out of adjustment.