how to use conjointly in a sentence?

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Answered: Is this sentence written correctly? the elections will soon began.

No, will soon indicated future and began indicates past. Rather than began use begin.

Answered: I wanna know whether the sentence-

My suggestion would be: "What television service are you currently using, Sir?" If you need further help in structuring sentences, check out the Thank You Note Wording website: . Hope this helps.

Answered: Finish this sentence: " like trying to squeeze blood from a

Getting anything but babble from Edicous is like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip.

Answered: American Citizen Sentenced to Death in Iran. What Should the US Do?

Muslims R idiots 2 B sure. Hang little girls 4 violating "chastity laws." Beheaded Daniel Pearl on Al Jazeera. Our Marine is in Heaven. Muslim murderers broil in hell. Life & death = small potatoes Compared to a billion years of justice.
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