how to use call forward on Uniden Dect 6.0 Cordless Phone - White (DECT1363)?

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Answered: Can I use two different cordless phones on the same land line?

I'm pretty sure you can, since I currently have both a VTech and a Uniden on the same line. But if they both have answering machines, turn one of the answering machines off.

Answered: Do you use a cell phone as your main phone or do ...

Land line is still useful when you need to contact areas without cell phone coverage. Cellphone on the other hand provides mobility and can be used as a device for call forwarding when land line is not available to answer incoming call.

Answered: I need help with a problem with a uniden cordless phone

You didn't give any details about your problem so it is hard to answer... But nevertheless there is a website where you can find answers to almost any technical problem with a consumer electronic device - it is called and you can find answers about Uniden Cordless Phones in http ...

Answered: Hannah Montana cordless phone

They have them on Amazon.

Answered: Why does my VTech 5.8 cordless phone not ring?

Check if the ringer was accidentally put on silent.

Answered: How do I register coby cordless phone. Model CT-P9340

Check the company's official webpage. Usually you can register the product online.
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