how to use borax with a humidifer?

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Answered: Borax laundry powder

Used as directed, it shouldn't hurt a thing. If you are on septic, the tank pumper will haul your effluent to a treatment station. They will treat the effluent like very concentrated sewage. Biological treatment plants use the power of the microbe to cleanse the water, raise fish and water plants ...

Answered: Will Borax get perspiration odors out of under armour

I heard that it would and you should add it all laundry you wash.

Answered: How to make snowflakes with borax?

Borax has many uses.

Answered: Humidifer overflow

This is normal if the humidifier is a bypass or a fan assist type. Basically this type of humidifier is a small evaporative device that allows the air to run over a media pad and as the water trickles down the pad it is absorbed by the warmer air (warm air absorbs more humidity then cool air ...

Answered: Does borax harm small dogs

You never know what kind of virus and diseases or infections any animal can get there, don't let your dog have access on it..
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Go to Google and type in borax powder. It will give you the location in UK from where you can get it.

Humidifer filters

look in the owners manual that came with it. there so many humidifiers out there and they all have differant ways of preforming regular maintenance

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