how to use, aladdin tempreserve?

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Answered: Who's your favorite Disney character, good or bad ...

Aladin the street rat because no matter what they throw his was he finds a way out.

Answered: How to make an Aladdin thermos into a lamp

Bob, you must be a serious coffee drinker. I felt your pain when you told her to break out the inside of the thermos bottle.

Answered: Hall's Superior Aladdin Teapot

It sounds more like the 'Rose Parade' style, especially if the color is a lighter blue. the shape of the 'Aladin' teapot is shaped like the 'Aladin's Lamp' from the famous story. Keep the teapot & & begin a new love affair with these beauties!!

Answered: Poem

Hi Florence, It's not a poem but a book.... The name is "Alladin and the magic lamp" (or very similar to that name). It's an old children's book (over 50 years, for sure). Best regards,
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