how to update nabi jr?

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Answered: Why can't I update the revision for 9.7 my ...

The latest 9.7 download I installed says 4343.3030 .

Answered: Need to update to 13.0.1

Maybe what you need is on here:

Answered: Updating billing info

AOL would not ask you to update your billing information. It must have been "phishing" where they try to make it look like AOL is asking. You probably gave information to some criminals. Maybe you only gave them name, address, and phone number.

Answered: Why do i have to install so many updates every hour on the hour

Linda....sounds like most of those updates are repeat updates. This sometimes happens, due to install fails. To stop this, you need to go to the microsoft update page and for the install, select 'custom'.....and un-check the repeat updates.....Make a note of the KB numbers of the repeated updates ...

Answered: Updates

You need to keep the updating enabled, and once a week just isn't enough. Security issues come up frequently, and you ALWAYS want to have the latest patches installed. I set my updates to notify me when there's a new update, but to never install them until I agree that I want them installed. That ...

Answered: Peter Mitrevski Jr vs Abhay Chand Live stream BOXING sopcast where to

Australia Main Event presents a Highly anticipated match between two accomplished warriors of the ring when Heavyweights : Travis Walker vs Alex Leapai is presented live Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 from the Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.Heavyweights Boxing team will be ...
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Can't download updates.

What update you trying to download, for what software? There are many sites offer updates download, ad as this website which offers AVG, Avast and Avira updates.

Where do I find the update for application services

You can download update at Just go to avg label if you need avg update, or avira or other types of application. I installed Norton 360 2.0. I cannot launch it

go to symantec web site and get contact number they will help you they are the best