how to up your pressure washer psi?

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Answered: How does a pressure washer work

Robin, pressure washers pump water through a small opening, raising the pressure to an amount useful for cleaning. The pump, which commonly would have three pistons, compresses the water and forces it out to the trigger gun. The trigger gun has a nozzle at the end with a specific size hole in the ...

Answered: Notched washers

The New Z

Answered: Pressure washer repair

first you will have to remove the broken part and replace it. It sounds like the unloader valve (pressure valve) is stuck open. Remove it, check for dirt etc., make sure the o-rings are ok, put petroleum jelly on o-rings and replace. You should also check the valves and clean them.

Answered: Pressure washer gun

you would be better off replaceing the gun
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Why does my power washer with a Honda gsx390 start with one pull and die

Consider a blocked fuel line. Most mimimal sized generators have fuel petcocks hidden under the gas tank so that you might never detect them. Remove the petcock and your generator will perform as advertised.

My electric power washers (1500 psi) will not ...

Well, you can try using electrical tester to check you electrical connection, you might not know, maybe its not your equipment problem after all.

My rocket science question, convert psi to lb/ft^3

The equation for airspeed is V = SQRT( 2 * P /Rho ) where V is velocity in meters per second P is pressure difference in newtons per square meter and Rho is density in kilograms per cubic meter. I suggest you convert psi to newtons per square meter and lbs(mass not force) to kg(mass not force ...