how to unstick your sim in sims 3?

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Answered: Sims 3: Deleting Stairs

Just go to build menu and click on a stair and while you holding Ctrl , Click on that stair that you want to delete !!!

Answered: Do the cheat codes for the sims 2 work in the sims 3?

Hi i am adeel i your frind and helper please ask the question sorry i am veary bissy iam going work shop ok bye take care man

Answered: Sims 3 help me!!!

to bring up the cheat box hold down control, shift, and c buttons. then type in the word motherlode in the blue cheat box. that will give you 50,000 dollars

Answered: Can the geforce gtx 550 ti graphics card play the sims 3

There have been reports of that graphics card making the sims 3 crash, so might want to look into more before purchase.

Answered: Is there any money cheats for the sims 3

omgomg! yes there is a cheat, and i would be glad to help you! now to type in the cheat, you must bring up the cheat box by pressing the control, shift, and the letter c buttons at the same time. so thats ctrl shift c at the same time. thats should bring out the cheat box. the cheat box is blue ...
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Where can I find a network offering SMS-only SIM Cards? crt@digicop

Hello, Hope you can find out your answer here bulk sms service because they provide theses types of services.

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Hello make sim for multiple there is required to have advance technology with advance machine to implement them. other wise sim free phones are best rather than, sim to multiple person.