How to unstick two pots stuck together?

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Answered: Dear obama if you don't get anything else right in ...

I agree, he should legalise marijuana. I've seen it help sick people out a lot, including some of my family when they were going through cancer treatments.

Answered: How do you separate two metal glasses that are stuck together?

Fill the inside container with crushed ice or ice water plus a tablespoon or two of salt. Let them stand for a few minutes, maybe 5 minutes or so. Then, dunk the outside container into very hot water for just a few seconds, try to separate. This method will work more than half the time. Best of ...

Answered: Stuck Icon

Unfortunatly I had to go to system restore, which worked, unfortunatly I had not backed up last weeks work, so puff it's gone. Let that be a warning to ya'll, BACK UP YOUR SYSTEM FREQUENTLY
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