how to type sexy emoticons?

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Answered: Why does aol have a problem with slow typing? I'm ...

Yes, it could be the advertising. Or anything else that uses up CPU time.

Answered: Why did some BITCH give me a guillotine / decapitation emoticon as soon

I think she would like to chop your head off (at least figuratively) for being so insensitive.

Answered: Typing Problem in Email messages

Hi there, Please try to clear cookies, cache, history and footprints by following the steps provided in this article: Clear cookies, cache, history, and footprints on AOL software If the issue persists, we suggest you run a quick restore. To do so, please refer to this article: Run Quick ...

Answered: What does this emoticon mean <: \> mean? or <:)>? I can't

I've never seen it before either. Do you think it could have some sort of sexual intonation?

Answered: Religious emoticons

Hi Ann, you can check out . They might have the emoticons you are looking for. Let me know if it helps!
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Lingerie is a appropriate gift especially during bachelorette party.


When you compose something, you need to edit. If you are using a computer, it's very easy to edit. You want to submit your best work, especially if your handwriting is bad.

Msn messenger emoticons

What a cooool MSN Emoticons... i really like it You can get excellent MSN Emoticons from here.