how to turn up cummins isx motor?

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Answered: I have a cummins isx in a 2009 international ...

Cummins ISX is a real good power plant for most trucks. You can order 'em from 455 HP to 600 HP. Most of the difference comes from the turbo you put on and what injectors you install. You can get either 9 or 13 speed tranny on that mill. I like 9 speed cause they are so much easier to work on ...

Answered: How to size a capacitor for 1 hp motor rated for 110/220 v. at 3450

If you need a replacement starting capacitor, take the one you have that's defective and go to a supply house that sells capacitors and other electric motor parts. They should be able to give you a replacement. The capacitor on my pump died, I got the replacement from a business that sells parts ...

Answered: Can a cummins 435isx be turned up?

Straight from the ISX troubleshooting, if you have an active exhaust pressure sensor code for "data irratic, incorrect" at key on, engine off, and don't have active code 689 or 778 - step 2 is replace the sensor! I am not sure of the PID codes. Cummins lists the Exhaust pressure sensor as PID P95 ...

Answered: How do I turn off my PC?

I don't know. Why should I know how you turn your PC off? Me? I do it from the start menu or press the power button on the tower.

Answered: Why are my lips turning white

Unless you are Michael Jackson, Well, nevermind, he's dead now, you have nothing to worry about. Maybe your lipstick is coming off? Do you think that you might be able to give us a bit more information?
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