how to turn off XM preview on car radio?

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Answered: Did sirius buy out xm radio? i heard that xm radio was going out of

Yes. Read this article for more recent information about Sirius.

Answered: Why won't my stereo CD player hold my preset radio stations when I turn

Yeah , what Jeff said .. sounds like it is what they call a ," Remote wire " that supposed to give the radio a little amount of power to hold the preset stations . Someone might have connected the remote wire with the positive which is easy to fix if you can pull the radio out and find the right ...

Answered: Can Sirius be switched for XM in my car?

You can switch, however, you will have to install a new reciever and sign up with XM. If you have a factory reciever, you will need to make sure that you buy a receiver that is compatible with the make and model of your car and also purchase the correct mounting bracket and installation kit. I ...

Answered: XM to Sirius

I think so but I'd ask a professional at Best Buy to confirm this.

Answered: Xm radio for motorcycles I want to put an XM radio on my Harley Heritage

not a good idea.If youre in a moderate climate it might be okay,but somebody would just steal it.

Answered: Satellite radio

Sirius XM has the Sportster series for the last several years, and they keep on coming out with upgrades that make it better than the last one. Like most technology, everything is obselete in about a year or two, and this is no exception. If you want Howard Stern, get a Sirius receiver because you ...
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