how to turn into the hulk on grand theft auto iv?

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Answered: How can you be a cop on grand theft auto 4 for xbox 360???

Well, I don't think you really can become a cop. I have tried everything like: calling the number: 555-RECRUIT and that don't work. I just put a suit on and act like im a cop. They should make a police simulation game don't you think?

Answered: Grand theft auto 3

Yes, you can get more than one type: Leviathon A lifting helicopter, can be found at either san fierro airport, or las venturas Maverick This helicopter is at the san fierro airport, by the hangars. Police Helicopter This can be found on top of the Los santos police station I hope that helps. Happy ...

Answered: When do you think the next GTA will come out?

the next gta would prabably come out next year like in 2010

Answered: Is there a never die cheat in gta 4 if so what is it

There probably is not because every website possible is not o there now HACK YES THERE IS

Answered: How much is this game?

I would suggest you to search about it information, you can easily get more information about it. Tags:- Team building | Team building activities | Visit Team building Blog

Answered: Theft of auto parts

If you could afford a policy with a zero deductible, you could more than easily afford to buy a new part. So, no.
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