how to tune up a 2003 eclipse?

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Answered: Will you watch the lunar eclipse?

I wish I could, but the eclipse will not "visit" my country (israel).

Answered: A Glimpse at 'Eclipse'

I saw the movie on opening night and was totally enchanted! I cannot get enough of the storyline!

Answered: Best view for total eclipse of the moon?

None of the eclipse will be visible from North America. The entire event will be seen from the eastern half of Africa, the Middle East, central Asia and western Australia. Observers throughout Europe will miss the early stages of the eclipse because they occur before moonrise. Totality will be ...

Answered: Vanessa Hudgens in eclipse

I've been checking the updates on and I have not seen this. Is it true?

Answered: What keys do i tune my harp to ?

You can read about how to tune the harp here . Good luck.

Answered: Is the solar eclipse a sign from God?

Solar eclipses tend to be "right-brained" messages from God to those civilizations which are pre-literate, or do not yet have the written Scriptures. For Christians, as well as for "left-brained" scientists and other rationally minded beings, solar eclipses are little more than a marvel in the ...
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Have you ever seen a lunar eclipse?

Yes!! I have seen it few times, including yesterday (I live in Israel !!)

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