how to treat a hen that has been pecked in a chicken coop?

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Answered: What is the ratio of space per bird when building a chicken coop? What do

As a long time raiser of the chicken let me assert right now that the more space you can afford, the better will be the outcome. Generally, close quatering the domestic chicken stresses the heck out of them so I think that the question has little or no merit. So let's go for the ideal. A chicken ...

Answered: 8x10 chicken coop Holds how many chickens?

Thank you Neal, I bought 16 chicks for laying hens and don't care to to have a rooster. Linda

Answered: How much space do you need available in order to raise enough chickens to

First, there is a difference between free-range and organic. Organic is what you feed them and you would have to either mix your own or be sure that what you buy is indeed, organic. Family of 4 - you have to think of how many eggs per week do you use. Are you buying store eggs now? How many ...

Answered: Wholesale chicken coop reviews. Please advise on these chicken coop sales

I saw another good site that talks about chicken coops for farmers, both hobby farms and real farmers, as well as people that want to raise backyard chickens in urban settings. I would recommend checking out: Those guys I think could help you find the best ...

Answered: Chickens

The Leghorn is the most prolific egg layer of all breeds of chickens. But note that there are many breeds that produce well --- the Sussex springs to mind --- and many of them even lay eggs all year (though many if not most chickens reduce egg production or stop altogether during the colder and ...

Answered: Can anyone have a chicken coop in their garden?

To really answser your question, would have to know three things: 1) How many chickens do you keep or intend to keep; 2) do you want them to free range or not; 3) how much yard and garden space do you have? Lala is very correct in that chickens can wreck havoc on a garden. We used to keep ...
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I live in Vermont, and it has been a very rainy ...

Either that or get yourself a portable chicken coop so that you can move it around as needed when areas get particularly muddy. You may also wish to consider what you have your coop placed on, maybe consider some foundations and so on.

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Chickens became spoiled I would suggest following this link. There is a link there to which will help you diagnose the problem.

Can you keep chickens in unincorporated crystal lake IL?

You can, if you live in an area zoned for agriculture. A call to your County Commissioners will give you the answer.