how to transfer pictures from picasa to memory stick?

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Answered: What is stew sticks?

This is stwo sticks.

Answered: How many pic do a 250mb memory stick hold

it is really depends on the sizes, pixels and resolutions of the pictures.

Answered: How do I change/delete profile picture in AOL mail?

Hey, Been quite a while since I changed my avatar and finally found out how on link given or cut and paste link: ? and sign in under your AOL account. Good luck, KML :)

Answered: Do I send them the name of the fight is on it actually shows her picture

The leftist Muslim Atheist poster is obsessed with Tadpole. The porn poster is too. Could they be the same poster?

Answered: How do I transfer a picture contained in an AOL email to a photo site (I

You can right-click on the photo and choose Save Picture. Then you can use the picture. You should be aware that the person who took the picture has a copyright; you can't just use the picture for anything that you want. You need permission. If it's a family picture, you shouldn't have a problem ...

Answered: How do you use a memory stick with th vista operatig system ?

plug in your memory stick into the USB port. start - my computer - choose from the removable disk do whatever you wanna do..
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Is there a readyboost on a memory stick for XP ????

No, that feature is only available on windows vista. That option is not installed on the memory stick by default, it was installed on memory stick because vista has that option.

How to transfer pictures from a fixed storage from a kodak easyshare

If your cam is plug and play you can usually just open the storage device, select the files you want and drag them onto your desk top. If nothing happes when you plug it in, it probably needs drivers so just chuck the cd that came with the cam into your pc and install the software. :)

Transfer pictures

If you know how to use copy and paste, it's easy. Your Exterior hard drive turn on and connected to your computer. Open it and create a new folder. Give it a name. Next go to your pictures and highlight all that you want. Put your pointer on one of the highlighted pictures and right click and left ...

How do I go about placing pictures from my computers hard drive onto a

Point on the picture, right click and select Save Picture at the place of your USB flash drive, you can save it.