how to transfer minutes from one net 10 phone to another?

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Answered: Transfer phone to cell phone

This process is called "call forwarding". Call forwarding is a feature on some telephone networks that allows an incoming call to be linked & forwarded to a third party. There are specific codes that are assigned for each carrier. Get more info & instructions @ ...

Answered: Is 60 Minutes a fake show? It's been on the air 45 ...

It was quite a good show for many years. Then they got lazy and frankly became irrelevant, populated by old farts who were so out of touch with reality they were broadcasting stories from like 1945. It should have been put out of its misery like 30 years ago.

Answered: My phone lines are down

I have this sneaking suspicion that your phone compnay does not monitor these boards.

Answered: Can I Change Over My Minutes To A New NET PHONE And Keep My Same

Sure. Just choose the option: Activate my NET10 phone with a number transferred from another NET10 phone. This should also transfer over your minutes. In most cases this works. If it doesn't, then you have to call up customer service, which is a bit of a pain but should still get you your minutes ...

Answered: Cant access PHONE

Try pushing in the last four digits of your phone number. It is usually preset. if that doesnt work, call customer service and they will walk you thru it..

Answered: Why is it legal for net10 to offer UNLIMITED Data plans that ARE LIMITED

Hell, I have more than 2 gigs piled up just for my graphics work. I have two terabyte hard drives in my working computer and another terabyte in an external hard drive, along with yet another 600 gig external. Which now reminds me I need to do some backup. Which is a hell of a lot easier and faster ...
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How do I transfer music from one phone to another ...

I found this and it seems to be correct to me. for transfering file/song from one phone to other over bluetooth..both phones must have file transfer profile implemented. If both of phones have this profiles...follow these steps.. 1. go to the file which you want to send over bluetooth to other phone ...

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Hi Ayca: For assistance, please refer to the help article below.

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If you lost all of your iPhone data after restoring to factory settings, you can choose to restore the whole content by using iTunes, because although you have not backed up your iPhone, as long as you don’t disable the automatic sync option in iTunes, it will automatically generate a backup for ...

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