how to transfer Dish Receiver 625 DVR recording to an External Hard Drive?

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Answered: How do I back up my files without a dvd/cd drive

To back up DVD videos to hard disc, computer or portable devices, leawo DVD ripper would be a nice choice. You can have a try. Good luck!

Answered: External Hard drive help......

Ugh! This is why I am currently searching for a new external hard drive. The suggestion below is a great one to try though. It didn't work for me so I am now considering purchasing a Seagate model. I've read reviews that Seagate has better support for their hard drives. I found a blog with some ...

Answered: Radiation From Laptops And External Hard Drives?

The only problem with the Faraday Cage is that in order to use your laptop/PC it would need to be inside with you. If its outside how do you type. (sticking your hands out means you loose protection) A lead lined apron leaves many parts of you still exposed. The only sure way to be safe is visit ...

Answered: How do I retreive data from an external hard drive?

If the case & connections are fine just connect it to your PC and copy the files you want to another drive. If it wont connect via the cables just remove the drive from its casing & connect it directly to the motherboard of your PC as you would any other internal drive.

Answered: Iomega eGo USB 2.0 500 GB Compact Portable Hard Drive 34896

This is one of the best portable hard drives out their for it's price. I recently bought this on special for $64.99 from Amazon saving $43.00 on RRP. Price has just increased to $87.20 but I think it's still a good deal. I recommend you buy one. Iomega eGo USB 2.0 500 GB Compact Portable Hard Drive ...
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Sims from external hard drive?

Well, it's a choice between slowing down my laptop by having all these huge file Sims games on there all the time, or sacrificing a little speed in the play of the game by having it on an external harddrive... Thanks...

Copy one hard drive to another

Connect both hard drives to your main PC via USB. Each are automatically given a drivbe designation, i.e; drive D:/ and drive E:/. Then simply copy and paste the music files from one to the other. You can not go directly from one to the other as yu must go throught the program which resides in your ...

External HDD not recognised?

Your device manager should have information on your drivers. It will tell you if the drivers are installed and supplies a troubleshooter to check if they are functioning. You may also have disabled your port to the device, which the device manager will also show you and allow you to enable. In ...

How can i use my 120 gig Xbox 360 Hard Drive for my comp?

"I currently have a 320Gb in my 360 & it only cost me £36" what a lie!!!! you cant use more than a 120 gig drive on the 360 till M$ release there 250 gig drive and even then you cant use a hard drive thats bigger than 250!