how to train your female dog to have sex?

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Answered: What can I do to speed up potty training for an adopted dog? there are even some potty training stories posted hope it helps

Answered: How does clicker training work in training my dog?

A quick, general explanation, without specifics. "Clicker" training is based on operant conditioning. You condition your dog to the fact that some marker - like a clicker - means something he likes happens. You then shape or capture a behavior by clicking when he does something that you want. When ...

Answered: What is the best way in which to train my dog with ...

Check out clikcer training on the internet. Lot of info. One of the first things you usually teach him is that he can't get a treat by mugging you. He has to do someing else (like sit)

Answered: Home Dog Training?

If you don't have enough time and knowledge to train your dog than it is better to hire the services of any trainer as many Dog minding & sitting and houses are providing different type of services to better manage your pet.You can take the help of these one otherwise you may spoil your dog.

Answered: How young a dog needs to be in order to accept the training the best? I'm

Begin your obedience training during puppyhood before a lot of the natural dominance and territorial instincts of a mature dog start to develop. Be careful not to take the pup away from the litter too soon as this is vital for him to learn valuable behavioral skills from his mother and other ...

Answered: Plz Suggest me dog training leash ?

Yes, It does very simple to give training to your dog without any problem, just follow 5 to 10 steps and proper diet. You should give foods time to time.
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Is it okay to hit your dog to train him not to do stuff?

No hitting! Positive action. Respond positively every time the pup does something right. In order to stop a dog from doing something you can toss a balled up sock near enough (not at) to DISTRACT the dog but not hit him. The sock should be clean and not one recently worn. You don't want the dog ...

How do i train my dog?

A dog training collar may be your choice.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of crate training a dog?

I think crate training your dog has more advantages than disadvantages, if done correctly. A crate is a good place to teach appropriate behavior. If your dog tends to become anxious whenever you go out, his crate will offer a safe place where he'll feel less stressful.

Is aggression in dogs related to the breed/personality of the dog or is

both. If you don't spent quality time & training with a dog of any breed problems arise. Strongly believe border collies are the smartest dogs, but they have to have a job! Not for town people with nothing for them to do. Same thing with other breeds. What were they bred for? Check that out ...