how to train a 7 months pomeranian puppy tricks?

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Answered: What is the best type of collar to use while training my puppy?

You can use a training collar, just make sure that it has a VERY LOW level of stimulation.

Answered: A hard to train Pomerainian :(

Sorry to say, your puppy experiences separtation anxiety when you leave. I'm assuming that you work and are out of the house at least 9 hrs a day. No dog wants to be alone for that long. You have to train her that you are coming back home, and being home alone is not bad. What you need to do is ...

Answered: I need help puppy training my 4 month chihuahua?

What kind of training do you want to do with your dog?

Answered: What tips can I use to help teach my puppy to sit?

Here are the tips I used when I was teaching my dog the sit command. Hope you find them as helpful as I did.

Answered: Are puppy training pads as effective as cat litter ...

Personally, I have not used puppy training pads for toilet training any of my dogs. I have found that consistent training by taking the puppy outside results in quickly toilet training the puppy. Take a look at toilet training puppies .

Answered: Do all puppy listen to the word no?

Hi Aika! Puppies have really short attention spans so be patient but keep reinforcing what you Do want and what you DONT want your puppy to do and dont do. Dont confuse him. When he does something right or that you ask of him, be sure to praise him! When he does something wrong dont ever punish the ...
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What is the best way to house train a new puppy?

I think when it comes to crate/potty training dogs, all breeds are equal. This is my method and it works quickly: Put the pup in the crate after he his last trip out in the evening. As soon as you wake up, take him out! After he does his business, bring him in and feed & water him. Watch him at ...

What methods should I adopt in order to quickly potty train my puppy

Training Puppy the First Week Puppies learn very quickly with proper instruction. The first few days in a new home are extremely important for your puppy and the precedents you set now will last a lifetime. full article House Training Your Puppy Housetraining, Housebreaking or Potty Training ...

What can I do to speed up potty training for an adopted dog? there are even some potty training stories posted hope it helps