how to tighten your anus?

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Answered: Does messaging facial and body skin tighten the ...

Hi salcliff, massaging face and body by self at home or by service at spa will definitely help in improving the appearance of saggy skin and wrinkles, but for achieving more effective results, you may consider laser resurfacing for removing wrinkles and laser skin tightening for sagging skin .


You are clearly not a woman, because if you were you would know that there is a huge difference. For a man, I believe the anus is tighter so it is a different sensation.

Answered: How do women like belisi skin tightener

If $$ is not an issue, for more quick results, you may consider laser skin tightening :-)

Answered: How can i tighten already "lipo" skin that i gained some weight and then

Since you have already had the surgical lipo, having another lipo does not make any sense even if it's a non-surgical one. In this case, the non-surgical fractional laser skin tightening could be a better option.

Answered: Tightening vaginal

Exercising the pelvic floor muscles is the only thing that'll work. One way is to get your gynaecologist to supply you with a set of weights. starting with the lightest, you clench your vaginal muscles so they don't fall out. Gradually increase to the heavier weights. Be careful you don't ...

Answered: Low hanging male sacks

I think taking some male enhancement products will help or the alternative way is by doing some exercise. In terms of exercise, i heard good reaction from kegel exercise as you might interested you can read this on some male enhancement blogs for you to know.
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Where is between anus and testicles of mans body?

The taint. And it really is quite pleasurably sensitive to touch.

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Because it 's always acting like an asshole and wants it's way.

What can you if you want to tighten your tummy but cant exercise?

Exercise bands provide a convenient, portable and low-cost way to strengthen and stretch your tummy muscles. Include abdominal strengtheners that use exercise bands as exercise tools. Sit upright in your chair. Place the center portion of the band around the back of your chair and bring the ends ...