how to tie yourself up?

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Answered: How to tie a tie?

You don't only have to know how to tie a tie, you also have to know how to match the tie with your look. Check out this site and learn how to do that.

Answered: How do I tie a bow tie?

It takes a bit of practice. Basically it is very similar to tying a shoelace but be careful to adjust the ends to form the bow.

Answered: I don't have any problem with men wearing pink ...

Gender interuptus, sorry. No problem with pink ties or pink dress shirts. I think a pink sweater would make him a total faggot.

Answered: How can i make my own tie-dye items of clothing at home?
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Where can I find bow tie clips?

Most bow ties go around the neck, and then are tied into a bow. Try a mens formal wear store. I know they rent all kinds of bow ties. They may have a few extra clips. Or they may be able to direct you to the right place to buy them. Good luck.

How do I tie a tie?

Please check this link How to tie a tie . Hope it will help.

How to tie-dye clothes

Start with this page which gives references. Allen from